Jungle Sound Morphs Ageing Voices.

Red Bee Media’s campaign for BBC One… ‘When I’m 65’

Jungle’s Gez Lloyd has recently finished sound design on Red Bee Media’s campaign for BBC One – When I’m 65. Directed by Claire Norowzian, produced by Carrie Hart, these two season trailers promote the upcoming BBC One primetime series set to tackle a subject that affects everyone: ageing.

The first spot sees a young woman in her twenties talking to camera who, over the course of the spot, slowly ages into the actress June Brown that we all know and love today (Dot Cotton from EastEnders). The second spot features a young man, in his late twenties who slowly ages as he speaks into journalist, John Simpson.

Some smart morphing visual effects by Shoreditch based picture house, Time Based Arts, created an interesting audio brief for Gez. Tasked to ‘sound morph’ the young actors’ voices into their older selves, Gez suggested casting some actors who are good mimics. With Claire’s permission he contacted Kate O’Sullivan and Lewis Macleod. They were directed to re-voice the young actors as a young June Brown and John Simpson, in a higher pitch and less ‘gravel’. Then, over the course of the middle part of the script, ‘age’ the voice to a point where it could then run into the genuine June and John voices. Kate and Lewis did a rough demo, edited to the picture by Gez, which convinced Director Claire to select them for the job.

After the recording sessions there was a little back and forth with new pictures (which had more definition in the morph section) allowing Gez to tighten up the lip-sync. The music track added was an acoustic version of In My Life, with end voice-over by Dean Lennox Kelly.

Red Bee Media
Client: BBC One
Sound design, or rather casting, directing, recording, careful editing and mix: Gez Lloyd
Audio Post: Jungle
Director: Claire Norowzian
Producer: Carrie Hart:
Pictures: Time Based Arts
Young June Brown voice: Kate O’Sullivan
Young John Simpson voice: Lewis Macleod
End VO: Dean Kelly