A School of Little Monkeys Pay a Visit to Jungle

Weston Park Primary School visit Jungle Studios to learn the science of sound

This month Jungle hosted an afternoon of educational fun for 28 9-10 year olds from Weston Park Primary School in Hornsey. The children attended an afternoon session in Jungle’s state of the art 7.1 Cinema room after having a picnic in the new 3rd floor Lounge.

Their teacher Judy Newberry was keen for her class to visit as the class had been learning all about the science of sound and acoustics. The trip to Jungle would help them see how it all applied in practice.

The afternoon started with a talk from Jungles Patrick James; designer and technical installer of Jungles 10 studios. Patrick explained how the Cinema room was constructed and the importance of acoustic treatment to create a controlled environment.

Next up was senior sound designer Chris Turner to talk through the creative process of audio; what you can do with sound and how you can manipulate it for special effect. The pupils were first played a low frequency rumble that made the entire room shake to their amazement. Next the exciting world of surround sound, where the kids took turns to pan a helicopter around the room.

Finally everyone took it in turns to create the Foley for a brand new animation which showed them how sound is made for a TV spot. It was nice to see how exciting it was for the children as it all came together.

With the Jungle sweet bowl supplies all but gone the children then left for North London on a sugary high, a fun afternoon for all involved.